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Richard T. Bradley, P.E., President

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Contractor and Consultant Project Information

8621: 8621 - Grand Center Arts Academy Plaza, St. Louis, MO

8622: 8622 - Improvements to Tower Grove Park, Task II - Refurbish Six (6) Tennis Courts

8623: 8623 Washington Ave Streetscape, Phase 1, Grand to the Sheldon,Federal Project TAP-5436(602)

8624: 8624 - Newstead Ave Improv, St. Louis Ave to Natural Bridge Ave, Federal Project STP-5407(615)

8625 - Downtown Traffic Signal and Roadway Improv, Federal Project CMAQ-9900(676)

8626: 8626 - Reconstruction of Taxiway V Connector at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

8627: 8627 - SP-101 - Concrete & Brick Removal Replacement and Complete Sidewalk Installation

8628: 8628 - SP-102 Concrete & Brick Removal Replacement and Complete Sidewalk Installation

8629: 8629 - Complete Sidewalk Installation, Project No. SP-103, St. Louis, MO

8630: 8630 - Improvements to Tower Grove Park - Old Comfort Station St Louis MO

8631: 8631 - S. Broadway, Phase II, Federal Project #STP-5401(708), St. Louis, MO

8632: 8632 - Central Fields Upgrade and Streetscape Improvements - Forest Park

8633: 8633 - McDonald Park Comfort Station Renovation and Windsor Park ADA Upgrade

8634: 8634 - Concrete Replacement due to City of St. Louis Water Division Maint and Const 2017

8635: 8635 - Hyde Park and Fairground Park ADA Upgrades to Comfort Stations

8636: 8636 - Loretta Hall Park and Franz Park ADA Upgrades to Comfort Stations, St. Louis, MO

8637: 8637 - Liberal Arts Bridge and Muny Tributary Improvements in Forest Park

8638: 8638 - North Riverfront Park Improvements, St. Louis, MO

8639: 8639 - Penrose Park Comfort Station, 4200 N. Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO 63115

8640: 8640 - N Broadway Improvements, Thrush Ave to Walter Ave, Federal Project #STP-9900(665)

8641: 8641 - FY 2017 and 2018 Citywide Sidewalk Contract, St. Louis, MO

8642: 8642 - Hyde Park Lake Improvements, St. Louis, MO

8643: 8643 - Ceiling & Air Curtain at Door 27 T-1 Apron under C Concourse at Airport

8644: 8644 - Realignment and Reconstruction of Taxiway Kilo and Reconstruction of Taxiway Sierra

8646: 8646 -Terminal 1 Concourse A Gate Electrification, St. Louis Lambert International Airport

City of St. Louis BPS Standard Specifications, Contract Form

RFP: RFP Disposal of Solid Clean Fill for City of St. Louis - Street Department

RFP for Providing Development, Hosting and Support for Website

RFQ: RFQ - Construction Super and Material Testing for the Reconstruction of Taxiway Victor

RFQ: RFQ - Design of Aviation Field Phase II & Stable Road Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

RFQ: RFQ - Design of Rem and Rep of SW and Columbia Bridges Federal Project STP-9900(675)

RFQ: RFQ - Real Estate Acquisition Appraisals Bridge TIP Projects, St. Louis, MO

RFQ: RFQ - Upgrading Security Doors, Locks & Security Control Panels Juvenile Detention Center

RFQ: RFQ Contributed Capital Project Valuations for City of St. Louis Water Div

RFQ: RFQ Design of Tower Grove Park Neighborhood Access Enhancements TAP-5670(604)

RFQ: RFQ for Airport Traffic Management Enhancement Project, CMAQ-9901(644), St. Louis, MO